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Story [Mar. 3rd, 2008|07:44 pm]
Maximum Ride Fanfiction
Title: The Hunters
Author: UFF139821HC
Rating: 15/17
Pairing: Fax/Max-other
Summary: Erasers... half man half wolf, all dangerous... yeah right.
I eat Erasers for breakfast with one hand tied behind my back.
That was of course, until they hired me to find some teeny girl they managed to lose.
Fourteen years old, 5% avian DNA, taught various martial arts and urban survival skills.
this should be a cakewalk.
Chapter Summary: 
Meet Flight Sergeant  Raihan, aged 17, recent immigrant to the UK from America, he's a member of 1216 Squadron of the Air Training Corps, he's everything cadets around him want to be, and yet, when two strangers arrive at his doorstep to call in a favour, things are about to spiral out of control in a big way... 
(comment if you like the idea and give me advice where to post the rest?)