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Story [Jul. 19th, 2008|08:39 pm]
Maximum Ride Fanfiction
Title: Angels
Author: some124get
Pairing: Angel/Ari
Rating: M
Summary: What if they found a way to revive Ari? And with Angel looking for a way to escape her usual life, who knows what could happen?

They had both always been different. She was the young one, but there was so much more to her. He was created too late, looking patchy and imperfect. He was the leader. She was "too young."

She hated being "too young." Max had once trusted her, trusted her to survive, but now the trust was gone. Angel would probably never find out where it had gone. She hated all the nights she spent, alone, pacing back and forth, not knowing when or if the flock, her friends, her family, would return.

But tonight she was not alone. Tonight he was with her, beneath her, thrashing, moaning. She shouldn't do this, she knew, but she loved it, loved him, and even if she didn't love him, he was her escape. Her only escape. She would not, could not, give him up. Patchy, rough, distorted, he was beautiful. He thought the same of her. She could hear the thoughts, jumbled from ecstasy. "Beautiful, no stop, more, please, please, don't deserve her!" He did though. More than deserved her.

He had died twice, but here he was. Nobody else knew. Nobody else needed to know. He was hers. Sometimes, she liked to think he had been revived so that he could come back to her. They had been friends, allies, near the end, before he had died for the second time. She was six, didn't know of these feelings. Ten years had passed; she knew what she was doing. She hoped she did.

"Aaaahhh!" A growl came from deep within his chest. One of his arms snaked up to reach around her neck to pull her down to him, into a kiss. All thought silenced in her mind. It was just their bodies, intwined lovingly, lustfully, moving in perfect harmony. It was the most wonderful feeling. She discovered she needed to breathe, but that could wait till later. It could wait a million years for all she cared...

Concerned eyes peered into hers. She spoke for the first time.

“What happened?”

“You fainted.”

“I didn’t feel like breathing,” she admitted timidly, startling a bark of laughter out of him.

“Remember this time.”

“This time?”

“You honestly didn’t think I would go on with you unconscious.” He smirked and flipped them both, so he was on top. He gave her a slightly apologetic look, and then, suddenly he was inside her. It hurt for a second, but then he was moving, grinding against her, and suddenly it didn’t even matter if it hurt a little.

And there they were, angel and devil, but he was not a devil, he was a dark angel, and she was a lighter one, and maybe that was why they were so perfect together. This time, nothing could be wrong, because she wasn’t too young, too small, too weak, too out of place, she was loved, loved by the one she loved, and that was all that mattered.

They both released a final, harmonious scream and fell back, tangled in sheets, panting hard.



And suddenly, they were laughing, cracking up. Once again, she was six, and he was seven, and nothing was wrong because nothing could be wrong when they had a home, and they were safe, and they were together.

My Angel,” he whispered and smiled, liking the sound of it. She liked it too.

So the lion and the lamb, the light and the dark, the two angels, curled up together, closing their eyes, with smiles on both their faces. And if Max and the others never returned, and if she was too young anyway, everything was still alright, because they were together. And they were loved. And that was all that mattered.


So, tell me what you think! It’s my first ever fic, but I like it. Short and sweet-ish. It’s kind of a fluffy lemon (heheh that sounds funny). T'ank you fo' readin'!

From: some124get
2008-07-21 01:47 am (UTC)

Re: wow!

Thank you so much! It was kinda short, and I didn't expenct anyone to like it, let alone comment. I'll have to read some of your stories!
And yes, I loveloveLOVE unusual pairings.
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